Company Policy



UNOAERRE INDUSTRIES S.p.A. is heir to a goldsmith’s tradition dating back to 1926, and its core business is the processing of precious and noble metals for the creation of decorative jewelry and gold and silver coins. In the wake of this tradition UNOAERRE continues to further its industrial and commercial activities by focusing on the transparency and reliability both of its products and of its social and industrial relations, basing its values ​​not only on the highest guarantee regarding the quality and quantity of precious metal contained in its creations, but also on a commitment to constant improvement geared to ensuring that its products are in no way harmful or dangerous to the final consumer, achieved through manufacturing processes and commercial practices in full compliance with laws and regulations safeguarding the environment, health and the integrity of its employees and collaborators.

Specifically, UNOAERRE actively focuses on:

-       the pursuit of productivity in accordance with customer requirements and the rules governing its manufacturing sector;

-       the establishing of mechanisms and corporate systems that guarantee the highest levels of efficiency and transparency towards suppliers and customers;

-       the creation of working conditions that enable employees and collaborators to conduct their activities satisfactorily and for a fair compensation, without ethnic, political or religious discrimination, in safe, healthy environments;

-       the valorisation of human and business resources in the context in which it operates through training and updating;

-       attention to the environment in which it operates through the use of adequate resources for the protection of the surrounding area and the reducing of the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes through technological and system-oriented investments;

-       communication and contact with the local authorities and the social fabric in which it operates in order to adapt more effectively to the regulatory systems, understand better the specific needs of the community and provide a concrete contribution to social and economic development and improvement;

-       the establishing of working relationships with qualified suppliers whose industrial principles and policies are consistent with the principles of legality and transparency of UNOAERRE, helping to achieve corporate goals effectively and efficiently;

-       the care, protection and valorisation of the company's assets, both tangible and intangible;

-       the ability to comply with and ensure compliance with the principles of confidentiality and reliability in dealings with customers and suppliers.

These principles are concretely pursued by the company through:

  • internal procedural systems that guarantee compliance with national and international standards governing employment contracts and respect for human rights and political,       religious and trade union freedom, tax and customs obligations, provisions on the prevention of the laundering of capital and goods from illegal activities;
  • systematic controls on industrial processes for the production of harmless manufactured goods containing guaranteed precious materials and with high quality standards;
  • the qualification of internal control units geared to the adoption of recognised quality systems regarding both the products and the environmental impact of the manufacturing systems;
  • constant communication with its external partners in order to avoid the risk of non-compliance, improve internal control processes, promote the adoption of business principles consistent with those of UNOAERRE and disseminate information relating to the sector;
  • allowing final consumers and collaborators to find solutions to their needs through direct contact with the company via the company website ;
  • voluntary adoption of procedures for verifying its gold supply chain, which are certified by an external institution in accordance with the guidelines issued by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) for the purpose of ensuring maximum responsibility in gold procurement.
  • an active commitment to promulgate among customers and suppliers a culture of lawfulness regarding also the gold supply chain, undertaking to encourage its partners to adopt the principles and procedures that enable processing and manufacturing using materials that do not come from conflict areas, or are the result of illegal activities or come from sources that do not respect human rights.
  • the use of periodic inspections conducted by voluntary third party bodies according to the rules governing the implementation of corporate management systems, with particular reference to the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and the additional requirements of the accreditation body geared to certifying the skills and technical abilities of the Chemical Laboratory Service.



With regard to the Chemical Laboratory, the Management undertakes to:


  • provide the necessary resources for achieving, maintaining and improving good professional practice;
  • offer its customers, both internal and external, in relation to all tests accredited by ACCREDIA, a service complying with the requirements set down in UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and in the ACCREDIA RT-08 document, as well as the ST-01 ACCREDIA Regulation and any other standard prescribed by the Accreditation Committee of ACCREDIA.These requirements apply to the entire period of validity of ACCREDIA accreditation;
  • achieve and maintain a high level of service provided to the customer, by promoting effective communication and the use of feedback information (especially complaints), and particularly by guaranteeing that all tests are carried out in compliance with pre-established methods meeting the requirements set by the customer and the law;
  • ensure that all employees (both management and technical) involved in the testing activity, duly authorised and equipped with the necessary resources for carrying out their tasks, are familiar with the descriptive documentation on the Laboratory Quality Management System, constantly apply the procedures in performing their activities and are free from economic constraints or other forms of undue pressure, internal or external, which may influence their technical judgments;
  • guarantee the protection of customer information;
  • comply with the requirements of the regulations applicable to the Laboratory, particularly UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and the ACCREDIA documents, in order to guarantee the conformity of all activities, demonstrate this compliance and build the trust of the customers through ACCREDIA accreditation, and undertake to constantly improve the efficiency of the Laboratory Quality Management System;
  • take appropriate action to maintain the integrity of the Laboratory Quality Management System;
  • guarantee the continual improvement of the Laboratory performance, which can be gauged through the involvement of employees, its increasing level of skill and the availability of resources;
  • adopt new technologies;
  • computerize the management of the Laboratory activities;
  • be more competitive within the market in order to increase the number of customers and the number of tests requested;
  • optimize resources in terms of organization and efficiency of the activities;
  • comply with legal requirements and with EC regulations;
  • reduce operating costs.

In the context of this corporate policy UNOAERRE is committed to respecting transparency, reliability and lawfulness and also undertakes to select commercial and industrial partners which can fully guarantee respect for human rights and children's rights in accordance with United Nations resolutions and guarantee the acquisition of precious metals from legitimate sources that are not involved in funding conflicts or acts of terrorism or are the result of the laundering of money from illegal activities.

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