Codice Articolo

Gold bracelet with central heart-shaped element 9kt gold

Bracelet with central heart-shaped element in 9kt gold and adjustable black cord in recycled polyester. A simple jewel, with a romantic and precious touch. The adjustable cord is extremely comfortable and makes this bracelet the perfect accessory to always wear on the wrist as a little lucky charm, a special amulet of love.
  • Metal: Gold
  • Colore: Golden
Central heart-shaped element: diameter 9 mm
Black cord size: adjustable, all sizes.

All Fashion Jewellery and Silver Jewellery items are 24k gold and silver plated.
Color is guaranteed by the cataphoresis treatment which preserves its luster.
For all jewels, UNOAERRE systematically checks the compliance of the product with the most restrictive European (ReaCH) and international standards on the absence of unauthorized substances or allergens.
Our jewels are all 100% Made in Italy.