Gold collection
UNOAERRE is one of the largest companies specialising in the production, distribution and export of gold and silver jewellery.
Founded in 1926, since 2013 the company is part of the largest Italian Jewellery Group.
All chains are produced using the most advanced technologies whilst respecting the goldsmith traditions and in conformity with the highest quality standard. Quality means guarantee of gold standard, excellence of finish, large range of models and, above all, service.
We prefer certified LBMA or RJC suppliers, giving priority to those offering more guarantees.
All our suppliers are qualified and responsible for sustainable economy and environment.


From design to product development
UNOAERRE is the market leader in the production of gold jewellery and basic chains, semi-finished products, fancy and hollow jewels in gold and silver.
Its production facility could not exist without its great creative side.
The product development within the company is by a team encompassing expertise from all different areas: creative, production, commercial and marketing. All the creations are formulated, designed and produced in its long-standing production unit in Arezzo, Italy.
Quality, passion and creativity make UNOAERRE one of the most prestigious company of the “Made in Italy”
In addition to its renowned gold jewellery collection UNOAERRE is also the market leader in the production of brass chains and components used by the most famous international fashion houses for their accessories.

Wedding Bands
The wedding band is the most precious ring of our life, especially made for being never interrupted.

Romanticism, preciousness of the material, high quality and Made in Italy.
Every year in Italy, more than 200.000 marriages are celebrated with UNOAERRE wedding bands, known and appreciated for the lack of soldering. Each single piece is obtained by an unique block of gold, without interruptions.
Besides Fedi Classiche, available in yellow, white and rosè gold UNOAERRE proposes Fedi Comode, Cerchi di Luce, Brillanti promesse and the Anniversary rings 9.0.

Discover all our wedding bands.

Fashion Jewellery Bronze & Silver
UNOAERRE is also highly respected for the production and distribution of fashionable accessories in silver 925 , bronze and precious alloys.
The world of fashion and the most up-to-date trends inspire the fashion jewellery collections. Exclusive creations with an attractive and distinctly Italian design dedicated to those who love to be trendy.
A rich and precious collection which is able to combine aesthetic and technological innovation and materials to new combination of colours. Fashionable and affordable jewellery accessories loved by all women.