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Unoaerre showroom offers all the Fashion Jewellery, Gold and Wedding Bands collections.


Monday 14:00 pm - 5:45 pm

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Sunday and Bank Holidays: closed

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On 7th March 1988 UNOAERRE, International leader in the jewellery industry, opened its own Museum in Arezzo.

It is the first Museum in Italy dedicated to the goldsmith art, aimed at preserving the historical memory of the company from industrial archaeology to Giò Pomodoro ‘s latest creations.

The collection
The priceless collection, in excess of 2000 pieces , showcases original designs and jewels in gold and silver, unique creations from the Belle Epoque and the garland style to Art Deco’s from the 30’s. It covers more than 90 years of history and encapsulates the essence , the history and the development of the company.

showroom unoaerre
From the “Stamped” bracelets of the 30’s to "Mesh bracelets" of the 50’s
The 30’s are represented by Art Decò and by the precious stamped bracelets typical of this period. Mesh bracelets played a leading role during the 50’s.

The 60’s are represented by light and hollow jewels often enamelled and casted. During this period sculptors, painters and designers make their incursion s into the goldsmith’s workshop: Bino Bini, Orlando Orlandini, Francesco Messina, Emilio Greco.

Chains from the 70’s and revivals from 80’s and 90’s
During the 70’s we had the boom of every kind of chain. The jewels are inspired to geometrical and abstract figures up to date with the historic avant-guard.

The 80’s are represented also by the silver, appreciated also by the younger generation: fashionable and elegant jewels for any occasion.

The jewels become the refined interpreter of the season’s fashion and trends.