A tutto cuore - UNOAERRE per Huntington
Unoaerre has chosen to join the project Huntington & Design, a story that involves families, designers, researchers, Italian artists, social innovators and companies like Unoaerre.
“Huntington” is a rare neuro-degenerative genetic disease and Unoaerre has decided to support “Huntington Onlus” creating 4 Silver enamelled hearts. Part of sale’s revenues will be donated to the Huntington Onlus Association, The Italian network of Huntington's disease.

From “Design for Huntington” to “Design for all”
The purpose of "Huntington & Design" project is to create products that, before being beautiful and functional, represent everyday solutions. With these "objects", houses will no longer be a place of solitude and isolation, but will be colorful and welcoming. Unoaerre, thanks to its technical experience, created the 4 silver pendants designed by Alessandro Guerriero. “aTuttoCuore” pendants show the emotional and sensitive aspect (o side) of the project, which has been explored by Alessandro Guerriero since several years.

Guerriero talks about polychrome and material objects: “in the project of this "heart", perhaps, I managed to insert a decoration, usually intended for my face, on an organ that usually means vitality, but also romance.