Why is a wedding ring worn on the ring-finger?

It is worn on the ring-finger, where flows, according to an ancient legend the “vena amoris”, linked directly to the heart.

How long before the wedding do you recommend ordering the wedding bands?

We recommend ordering the rings at least two months before the wedding so that you can receive your preferred model in the right size, avoiding any kind of adjustment.

Why choose UNOAERRE wedding bands?

For more than 90 years the majority of Italian marriages have been celebrated with UNOAERRE wedding bands. Every year in Italy more than 200,000 marriages are celebrated with UNOAERRE rings. The company has consistently focused its efforts in this area - indeed a stylized wedding ring is used as its logo and trademark - and has developed a manufacturing process for what looks like the most basic of rings. Gold is extremely ductile and malleable, therefore a special alloy , particularly strong and tough, is used in the production of wedding bands. UNOAERRE has also chosen to adhere to the principles of the Responsible Jewellery Council (www.responsiblejewellery.com), pledging to respect and promote responsible practices in terms of ethics, human rights, society and the environment and to apply them to its entire diamond and gold production and raw material procurement chain. When you buy UNOAERRE wedding bands, you have a guarantee of quality in all respects.

How can I recognise UNOAERRE wedding bands?

Authenticity of UNOAERRE wedding bands is guaranteed by the trademark trademark UNOAERRE alternative trademark UNOAERRE stamped on the inside of every ring: The mark 750 mark 750 UNOAERRE indicates, in thousandths, the fine gold contained in the alloy used to produce the ring. On the ring models ‘Classica’, ‘Comoda’ and ‘Cerchi Luce’, as a further guarantee for both jeweller and final consumer, a customized oval UNOAERRE seal in yellow gold is applied to guarantee that the wedding band has not been modified , consequently keeping its unique characteritics of hardness an strength . The gold seal is removed just before delivery or engraving.

Can UNOAERRE wedding band be resized?

Yes, UNOAERRE wedding bands can be easily resized. Below we supply details for re-sizing, only to be undertaken if strictly necessary.

Fedi classiche & comode in yellow gold 2 misure 1 misura
Fedi classiche & comode in white gold* 2 sizes 1 size
Fedi comode in rosè gold 2 sizes 1 size
Fedi classiche & comode with rodhium edges 1 size not feasible
Fedi cerchi di luce in yellow gold 1 size not feasible
Fedi cerchi di luce in white gold * 1 size not feasible
Fedi in two colours 1 size not feasible
Fedi with diamond not feasible not feasible
Fedine in silver 1 size not feasible
Fedine in yellow gold 1 size not feasible
Fedine in white gold * 1 size not feasible
Fasce di Luce not feasible not feasible

The size of wedding bands can be modified only as specified above, using “cold-technique”, since “hot-technique” could compromise their hardness.
The gold seal should be removed before re-sizing.
It is important to smooth and polish the rings after every adjustment.
White gold wedding bands should be submitted to galvanic rhodium treatment after re-sizing.

Why has my wedding ring tarnished so quickly?

Gold is an extremely ductile and malleable metal by its very nature. Pure and in its natural state, it is susceptible to deformation and scratching. To make rings that are more resistant to shock and abrasion, UNOAERRE has selected other metals to constitute special alloys specifically for the production of wedding rings and has elaborated sophisticated finishing processes to obtain a product with optimal characteristics of hardness and wear resistance and a warm and radiant colour. When the ring is subjected to unsuitable processes involving high temperatures, such as hot resizing, it irremediably impairs the structure of the alloy, which returns to its original malleable nature that can be tarnished and scratched easily with daily use. Unfortunately, this premature deterioration may not be remedied by brushing or polishing. Indeed, the brushing or polishing of a hot-worked ring can temporarily correct surface defects, but the constituent alloy will have lost its resilience and so surface imperfections will quickly reappear. Other factors that may significantly and rapidly alter the surface of the ring, thus reducing its brilliance, are chemicals present in products such as some lacquers, creams, detergents and thermal waters, and repeated collisions with hard or abrasive surfaces. In these cases however, simple burnishing, brushing and subsequent polishing of the ring is usually sufficient to return the ring to its original colour and lustre.

How much does a UNOAERRE wedding ring cost?

UNOAERRE does not sell its rings directly to individual consumers, but rather through a network of distributors so widespread that it reaches almost all Italian jewellers. Prices may vary from store to store because the cost of rings is strongly influenced by constant fluctuations in the price of gold, by ring sizes (e.g. in the case of ‘Comfortable’ rings, the weight varies significantly from one size range to another) and the commercial policies of the individual jewellers to which we entrust the sale of our products.

Is it possible to engrave a message inside UNOAERRE wedding or engagement ring?

UNOAERRE specifically provides for the maximum possible space inside the ring for your trusted goldsmith to engrave the message that you want, such as your wedding or engagement anniversary date, or the names of the couple.

Why do white gold wedding rings take on a yellow tinge with time?

It is common knowledge that gold in its original state has a natural gold colouring. To give pure gold a whiter colouring, we must therefore add other metals to it. UNOAERRE rings in white gold are produced by using special alloys that give the gold a silver tone such as those constituted by copper, zinc and nickel (the latter in a proportion rigorously compliant with European Regulation REACH - EN 1811.2011 and therefore not considered harmful). However, these alloys are not perfectly white or brilliant and are therefore bathed in rhodium, a precious metal of the platinum family capable of giving the durable brilliant white finish desired by the consumer. The procedure deposits a thick film of rhodium over the entire outer surface of the ring, but naturally daily use leads to progressive wear of this layer, eventually revealing the colour of the underlying alloy. Your jeweller or a professional goldsmith can easily restore the original white colour of the ring by re-plating it with rhodium.

Do UNOAERRE wedding rings contain nickel?

All our wedding rings in yellow or rose gold are nickel free. While our white gold rings contain some nickel, they are fully compliant with European Regulation REACH regarding nickel release for objects that are in prolonged contact with the human body (EN 1811.2011).