Unoaerre, the company

Arezzo, 15th March 1926: the history of our company starts with Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori, the two “founding fathers” of the first jewellery manufacturing company of Arezzo.

On 2nd April 1934 they receive from the provincial office the first registered trademark of the gold industry, 1AR, which in turn evolves into the name of the company: Uno A Erre.

Today, after over 90 years, UNOAERRE has achieved world leadership and established its first-class reputation for quality and reliability thanks to the efforts of generations of goldsmiths an designers.

UNOAERRE jewellery and Gori & Zucchi reputation have reached countries throughout all the world.

UNOAERRE distributes its products in more than 40 countries all over the world and has two subsidiaries in France and Japan.

From “Oro alla Patria” to the Reinassance and success of the Italian style
In 1935 the “Day of Faith” marked up an essential moment for Gori & Zucchi history.
The Company, by government commission, was one of the manufacturers of iron and platinite rings , commonly known as “fedi fasciste”. These rings replaced the wedding rings in gold that Italians donated to the Motherland.

Between 50’s and 60’s becomes in fashion the Italian style. Fashion is the driving force of the production and technological development.

This was the period in which the company increased the industrial production of basic chains as curbs, rope, Figaro, cable and box chains, rolò and snake, foxtail, foldover and bead chains.

It is the triumph of the Made in Italy.
The traditional Made in Italy craftsmanship, the creativity of the design, the perfection of the massive production, the quality control, the accreditations and the guarantee of the product have always been our greatest strength..

Today UNOAERRE distributes its products in more than 40 countries all over the world and has two subsidiaries in Japan and France. We are especially proud that the Company produces over 70% of all the wedding rings sold within the Italian market.

After the Responsible Jewellery Council certification the Company has achieved another important target with the accreditation of its internal chemical and metallurgic laboratory by Accredia for the analysis and certification of silver and gold alloys.

Brand Values
We create value in compliance with the highest quality standards having a sustainable vision of the economy, of the society and of the environment.


Our aim is to create, to produce and distribute jewellery and fashionable accessories using innovative technologies and promoting continuously the research and the development in compliance with social and environment policy.


Since its beginnings, UNOAERRE has always had an high social sensibility and it has contributed to develop the surrounding area. Today, thanks to the efforts of generations of goldsmiths, we aim to pursue all over the world excellence in gold jewellery and fashion jewellery production.


Special attention to guarantee the title of the gold declared on the products and special care to the customers and employees.