Arezzo, 15th March 1926: the history of our company starts with Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori, the two “founding fathers” of the first jewellery factory of the town. On 2nd April 1934, they received from the provincial office the first registered trademark of the gold industry: ‘1AR’. The trademark will in turn form the name of the company “UNOAERRE” (1AR- the first in Arezzo).

A long tradition in the art of goldsmith has strengthened our company, born pure as gold itself.

In the following years, succeeding generations of goldsmiths, technicians, designers and artists, have developed the company into one that is unique within its industry in the world today.

UNOAERRE jewellery is sold throughout the world and the name Gori & Zucchi is known by the entire jewellery industry.

From its humble beginnings, more than 90 years ago, UNOAERRE has achieved world leadership and established its first-class reputation for quality and reliability. UNOAERRE strives to conduct its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and we are proud to have achieved the Responsible Jewellery Council certification, that reflects our company values and substantiates our commitment to the jewellery industry, and ACCREDIA accreditation for the testing of the gold and silver alloys fineness according to internationally recognised standards.

Today Unoaerre distributes its products in more than 40 countries all over the world and has two subsidiaries in France and Japan. We are especially proud that the company produces over 70% of all the wedding rings sold within the Italian market.