Materials and care

We choose only selected and high quality materials to create jewels to wear everyday.
All our jewels are regularly tested to measure their compliance with the most restrictive European (ReaCH) and international standards to verify the absence of non-allowed or allergenic substances.
Discover how to take care of your jewels to guarantee the shine and the chromatic characteristics of the products.


Gold Jewellery Collection and Wedding Bands
To safeguard yourself against counterfeits , when buying jewels always check that each piece bears the mark with stamped the fine gold contained in the alloy used to produce it. An 18kt gold jewel contains 750 parts of fine gold and 250 parts of alloy.
The high content of gold is allergy-proof and it protects the jewel from the oxidation process. This may occur especially with jewellery that contains a low percentage of precious metal.

Advice for keeping your jewellery like new:

It is best to store jewellery in a soft cloth, separate from each other to avoid scratches.
Take your jewellery to a jewellery shop to be cleaned periodically; it will help to restore a perfect shine.
A simple suggestion for cleaning your jewellery at home: add some gentle liquid detergent, alkaline is preferable to neutral, to a container full of water.
Alkaline detergents will make alloy shine because they neutralise all residual acids (for example salts and chlorides). Then clean using a small brush, rinse in tepid water, dry well but gently.
White gold wedding bands
UNOAERRE white gold wedding bands are produced using special alloys closed to a “silver-grey” colour and made up of copper, zinc and nickel (When the nickel is present it is however below the release limit according to the regulation of European REACH-EN 1811.2011) .
Later the wedding bands are rhodium plated in order to make them brighter and whiter. Rhodium is a precious metal of the platinum family and it is able to guarantee brightness and whiteness.
Remember that everyday usage of wedding band can wear out the external rhodium surface. We suggest to take them to a specialised jewellery shop to be rhodium plated periodically.
Silver 925 is an alloy composed of 92,5% of pure silver and 7,5% of copper. Our silver jewels have different finishing.
Some of them are rhodium plated to be more shiny and to preserve their colour.
Some collections (i.e. Men Collection) have an oxidized finishing to get a brownish colour (polished or matt). Silver jewels can be also pink or yellow gold plated.

Care of Silver Jewellery

It is best to store silver jewellery in separate bags or in a soft cloth to avoid scratches and oxidation.
Remember that cosmetics, perfume, sea and thermal water , alcohol and hairsprays contain ingredients that can react your silver jewellery (especially iodine, sulphur, chlorine bleach and acetone) .
Also abrasive substances could damage the surface.
Clean them periodically with detergent for silver/silverware.
Fashion Jewellery Bronze
Jewellery Bronze collection is created with selected and tested alloys composed of copper, tin and zinc.
The plating is obtained with a 24kt galvanic bath for the jewels in pink or yellow colour and in silver or rhodium for those in white.
The galvanic bath, using electrolytic deposition, is an industrial process used for covering the no-precious alloys with a thin coat of gold, silver or rhodium.
On top of gold or silver/rhodium plating we apply an acrylic resin that totally protects the integrity of the jewels from scratches, corrosion and damages due to everyday usage.

Advice for the care of Fashion jewellery accessories

We recommend to keep fashion jewellery accessories separate in their bags or packaging. We suggest to clean them only with a soft damp cloth to maintain the shine and the chromatic characteristics.
It is essential avoiding direct contact with alcohol, sea and thermal water and particularly aggressive external agents (especially iodine, sulphur, chlorine bleach and acetone).
Also abrasive substances could damage the surface and the chromatic characteristic of the product and void the guarantee